GameFest 2013 Games from Champlain

What follows is the list of 12 Teams and their games who attended GameFest 2013, project durations, and a brief description of each game.

Game Title: Mageball

Game Platform:
PC, Mac, Linux

Hardware Needs:
6 to 8 PC systems

Project Duration:
Two 15 week semesters.

Game Description:
Mageball is an online multiplayer game that combines fantasy magic-based
combat with exciting fast paced sports action. Join up with others as
teams Fire and Ice, customize your character, and select from a wide
variety of spells to lead your team to victory!

Team Members:
Alex Tardif, 4th year, Producer & Lead Programmer
David Pictor, 4th year, Junior Producer
Chris Sydell, 4th year, Lead Designer
Bryan Korab, 4th year, Lead Systems Designer
Rob Ashcraft, 4th year, Level Designer
Matthew Nunez, 4th year, Narrative Designer
Andrew Ascone, 4th year, Audio Designer
Cassandra Bertrand, 4th year, Graphic Designer
Samantha Thode, 4th year, Lead Artist
Sibyl Cunningham, 4th year, Environment & Character Artist
Kyle Walton, 4th year, Environmental Artist
Erin Trzcinski, 4th year, Programmer
AJ Twombly, 4th year, QA Overlord

Game Title: Quibly Ball

Game Platform:
Windows PC

Hardware Needs:
1 PC system
Four wired XBOX controllers

Project Duration:
Two 15 week semesters.

Game Description:
Quibly Ball is a competitive yet light-hearted multiplayer game where
you must shoot, shield, and jump your way to victory on the path to
becoming the ultimate Quibly Champion! Up to four Quiblys enter the
arena, only one leaves. With every action in the game having offensive
and defensive capabilities, you’ll have to use both your wits and your
reflexes to knock your opponents out of the arena. And in case that
wasn’t enough for you, customize your Quibly experience by trying out
new abilities that compliment your play style like upgraded shots or
beefier shields. Even team up with your friends and try different game
modes like King of the Hill and Wave Mode! All these ingredients
combined comprise the Quibly Ball experience: a competitive yet
accessible game whose light-hearted tone leaves a smile on even the
losers’ faces. Prepare your Quiblys.

Team Members:
Kyle Killian, 4th year, Producer
Roy Baron, 4th year, Lead Designer
Travis Constantino, 4th year, Designer
Dave Mahoney, 4th year, Designer
Harry Boltz, 4th year, Lead Artist
Xanth Veilleux, 4th year, Artist
Anthony Blake, 4th year, Lead Programmer
Andrew Auclair, 4th year, Programmer


Game Platform:
Windows PC

Hardware Needs:
1 PC system
One wired XBOX controller

Project duration:
Two 15 week semesters.

Game Description:
Play as a magnetized marble that can stick to most metallic surfaces,
where you roll, stick, and jump you way to freedom from the marble
factory! Escape glass furnaces, conveyor-belts, and variety of other
mind-bending challenges.

Team Members:
Christina Aceves, 4th year, Producer
Andrew Gould, 4th year, Designer
Scott Gilman, 4th year, Designer
Ryan Topping, 4th year, Designer
Vince Bibuild, 4th year, Designer
Phillip Holland, 4th year, Designer
Deanna Vaida, 4th year, Artist
Ben Bolton, 4th year, Artist
Rob Drury, 4th year, Programmer
Ian Cubin, 4th year, Programmer

Game Title: Sagittarii Run

Game Platform:
Windows PC. (Unity 4)

Hardware Needs:
4 PC systems
4 Steering kits.

Project duration:
Two 15 week semesters.

Game Description:
Set in the much distant future, Sagittarii Run is an arcade racer in
which players race along the edge of asteroids in the depths of space.
But this space is not particularly empty! The nearby black hole
Sagittarii V4641 looms on the horizon and has created anomalies that
change the track along the way. Bending through 3D space, players race
along twisted roads and drive through anomaly rifts that send them
through an alternate dimension as they attempt to out-manoeuvre their
opponents. Will you make it through to the chequered flag or will you
get caught in the void?

Team Members:
Ethan Akey, 4th year, Producer
Grant Parker, 4th year, Designer
Jason Rauck, 4th year, Designer
Jacob Mott, 4th year, Desinger
William Dramstad, 4th year, Designer
James Harvey, 4th year, Designer
Matthew Ide, 4th year, Artist
Eric Miles, 4th year, Artist
Joshua Stowe, 4th year, Artist
Christopher Brough, 4th year, Programmer
Justin Ryder, 4th year, Programmer
Kyle Marchev, 4th year, Programmer

Game Title: Crisis of the Super-Verse

Game Platform:
Windows PC

Hardware Needs:
1 PC System
2 wired XBOX controllers

Game Description:
3D (constrained to 2D) comic book super-hero fighting game, where comic
archetypes battle for supremacy across the pages of a comic book.

Team Members:
Connor Vassar, 4th year, Producer
Donny Torrey, 4th year, Producer
Eric Euchler, 4th year, Lead Designer
Ryan Hill, 4th year, Designer
Kyle Lopes, 4th year, Artist
Martin Cuadra, 4th year, Artist
Rebecca Whitley, 4th year, Artist
Tristan Carter, 4th year, Artist
Adam Reed, 4th year, Lead Programmer
Mason Fiore, 4th year, Programmer

Game Title: Eb and Flo

Game Platform:
Windows PC (Unity 4)

Hardware Needs:
1 PC system
Two wired XBOX controllers

Project duration:
Two 15 week semesters.

Game Description:
Eb and Flo is a cooperative, puzzle-based platforming game. Players take
control of either Eb or Florence, two seventeen year-old twins who
discover a secret lab. Utilizing the abilities to attract or repel
objects, work together to solve puzzles and help the twins make their
way through the deadly facility. But not everything is as it seems. What
waits for them inside?

Team Members:
Greg MacDonald, 4th year, Producer
Lucas Bilodeau, 4th year, Lead Designer
Dom Cella, 4th year, Designer
Griffen Fargo, 4th year, Designer
Mike Tobin, 4th year, Designer
Jovan Ellis, 4th year, Designer
Sam Tow, 4th year, Art Director
Brenna O’Leary, 4th year, Artist
Chris Bresnahan, 4th year, Artist
Jordan Diehl, 4th year, Programmer
Steve Everitt, 4th year, Programmer
Steve Thorne, 4th year, Programmer

Game Title: GOLD BLITZ

Game Platform:
Winows PC. 4 Player.

Hardware Needs:
4 XBOX controllers required.

Project Duration:
Two 15 week semesters

Game Description:
Gold Blitz is a four player, casual vehicular combat game designed to be
played on a single screen. Players drive around an open arena collecting
gold while preventing the other players from doing the same. Whether
it’s a giant spatula on your car or a cannon firing from space, Gold
Blitz offers a variety of weapons that disrupt the other players and
enhance your own chances of winning. With quick, five minute rounds,
Gold Blitz should be played multiple times in a single sitting.

Team Members:
Rob Flusk, 4th year, Producer
Timothy Scribner, 4th year, Producer
Jesston Simon, 4th year, Designer
Micheal Bujtas, 4th year, Designer
Erickson Paschke, 4th year, Lead Artist
Margret van Dyke, 4th year, Artist
Stephen Tansey, 4th year, Programmer
Alex Teixeira, 4th year, Programmer
Jason Gravell, 4th year, Programmer
Micheal Lepore, 4th year, Programmer

Game Title: Guardian

Game Description:
iPad tower defence game, where you play as a crystal resource, fending
off attacks from insectoid aliens.

Team Members:
Josh Kleber, 2nd year, Designer
Sam Roberts, 3rd year, Designer
Chas Elterman, 2nd year, Artist,
Lisa Barber, 2nd year, Artist,
Chris McCooey, 2nd year, Programmer

Project Duration:
6 weeks, partial semester project.

Apple iPad 2

Game Title: Trash Lords

Game Platform:

Hardware Needs:
iPod Touch and iPhone.

Project Duration:
6 weeks, partial semester project.

Game Description:
An iPod/iPhone fighting game similar to sumo-wrestling, Play a variety
of characters that battle using different powers and pit your strengths
against your arch opponents.

Team Members:
Carlos Gutierrez, 2nd year, Designer
Ryan Leslie, 2nd year, Artist
Robin LloydMiller, 2nd year, Artist
Eric Pacelli, 2nd year, Programmer
Vasily McCausland, 2nd year, Programmer

Game Title: Trail

Game Platform:
Windows PC. Unity 3D.

Project Duration:
One 15 week semester

Game Description:
Play as a character learning about spatial awareness and the
consequences of choosing the right path, as you traverse a variety of
challenges across three key mechanics with your “trail:” collection,
physics, platforming.

Team Members:
David Kimmel, 4th year, Producer
Christopher Mastenbrook, 4th year, Designer
Mitchel Hamilton, 3rd year, Designer
Desire Fernandes, 3rd year, Artist
Allan Dunn, 3rd year, Artist
Alexander Toulan, 3rd year, Programmer

Game Title: Lilith

Game Platform:
Windows PC

Hardware Needs:
1 PC system

Project duration:
One 15 week semester.

Game Description:
Play as a little orphan girl named Lilith. Lilith has a unique ‘gift’
that changes her into a shadow; giving her the abilities to walk on
walls and drop the matrons into the dark abyss. When Lilith was dropped
off by her biological parents at the orphanage, they left her with a
bear; this bear kept the powers of the darkness at bay. Unfortunately,
Lilith acted out one night and got the bear taken away from her; thus
allowing the powers to come back. Tomorrow morning, Lilith is being
adopted, and she needs to find the bear tonight, else she may never get
to live a normal life.

Team Members:
David Pictor 3rd year, Producer
Marc Loiselle, 3rd year, Designer
Brian Rouleau, 3rd year, Designer
Christopher Bresnahan, 3rd year, Artist
Mike Vautour, 3rd year, Artist
Brendan Riley, 3rd year, Artist

Game Title: Sasquatch: Photo-bomber

Game Platform:
Windows PC

Hardware Needs:
1 PC system (Unity 4), XBOX Kinect, XBOX Controller

Project Duration:
One 15 week semester

Game Description:
Play as Sasquatch on a quest to get into as many tourist photos as
possible. Sneak up behind unwitting tourists as they take pictures of
themselves at the famous “Paul Bunyan Land” theme park! Successful
photo-bombing will lead to fame and fortune!

Team Members:
Gilbert Thrall, 3rd year, Designer
Evan Tetreault, 3rd year, Designer
Mathew Jordan, 3rd year, Designer
Christopher Mendenhall, 3rd year, Artist
Philip Percoco, 3rd year, Programmer

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